Victoria Police

The project brief

The Knowledge Project worked with the Media and Online Learning Unit of the Victoria Police on a number of projects as part of their freelancing program.  Each project involved working with a different unit of the Victoria Police to develop interactive, scenario-based online training. Courses developed included Counter Terrorism, Pursuit Policy, Sex Offenders Registry and Receipting Program.

The approach

We worked closely with the Learning Designer and clients associated with each of the units to initially establish the training requirements for their internal training program.  A storyboard was then developed, followed by template design and development of the courses using Articulate Storyline 2.  Simulating real-life situations in scenario-based training was a priority for the design and this was achieved by incorporating numerous course assets provided by the client, including audio, video and imagery.  Iterative development and testing in the client’s LMS environment was the final step in the process.

The result

Development of highly-engaging scenario-based training courses was completed within allocated time frames and to the high standard required by the client.

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