Accordion Interaction

Accordion tabs let learners explore content using vertical or horizontal layouts and are a good way to group a large amount of related content onto a single slide. They can be used to progressively reveal bullet points, quiz questions, module introductions and summary slides.

As an exercise in using one of my Storyline Template to develop out content, I came across the content in “Aristotle’s 7 Elements of Good Storytelling” and designed and developed the interaction below.

I chose not to modify the original colour scheme or fonts in this template, but I did need to add three more tabs, which was really easy to do using the existing elements in the template.

The original template was designed and developed as part of a group of templates that can be combined to make an entire course. As this is a one-slide design, I removed the sidebar which had Menu and Resource tabs, as well as all player controls that appeared at the bottom – although if I were to add audio narration to this design, I would leave the seekbar in view.

I also worked with the background images a little to make this interaction more interesting. It’s a one-slide interaction, with each tab triggered to show the relevant slide layer on click – so for each slide layer I hid the background image from the base layer and added a different image to the layer. Oh yes, and to achieve the funky fade to blur for the images, I added a custom state for each image (with a fade transition added as well) and a trigger to change the state when the timeline starts on the layer…


Try out the interactive version below.


Here’s the original template I worked from. If you click on the image you can view the interactive version, and also take a peek at the other related templates in this group.

storyline accordion tabs interaction
Click on the image to view the interactive demo

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  1. Very nice design! If one wants to present content in Rise, but it isn’t an option, this is a great way to get that feeling in a Storyline product. Thank you for sharing this!

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