e-Learning Course Development Initial Questionnaire

the knowledge project

E-Learning projects vary considerably in approach and complexity. By answering a few simple questions you will assist us in gaining an understanding of the scope of work for this project which will help us in preparing a more accurate cost estimate and will ultimately lead to a more successful project.

Purpose / Background

Why was the project initiated? What are the primary business needs or problems that led to this project – for example, performance improvement needs, new business model, outdated content, process changes, legal compliance requirements? What value do you hope to generate or what issues are you seeking to resolve?


What does success look like for the project? (Examples include increased sales, corporate culture awareness, or fewer customer service calls). How should the audience of this project think, feel and behave as a result of this project?


Do you have an intended deadline for the project? Are there other efforts that are dependant on the completion of the project by the deadline (ie. launch, tradeshow, annual report)?


Do you have a specific budget range for this project?

Project Partners

Who are the key stakeholders and/or primary contacts from your organisation and who has final approval on the project?


Are there any additional constraints, dependencies, potential roadblocks, or challenges to this project that you are aware of?

Target Audience

Describe the primary target audience for this project. Use as much detail as possible in profiling your target user. (Profile more than one type if appropriate). How will the learner benefit from completing this e-Learning? Are there metrics in place to reward learners for their completion and application of training? What are the incentives? What’s in it for them?


Are you a federal agency requiring Section 508c compliance for accessibility of the content created in this project?

Learning Objectives

What knowledge do learners need to gain from this e-Learning? Use action verbs to define each objective (define, describe, explain). What skills do learners need to gain as a result of this training, or what behaviours do they need to perform? Use action verbs to define each objective (perform, execute, complete). Do either the knowledge or skills need to be validated in order for the course to be considered complete? How will this validation be obtained (automated system, printed quiz results, post-test skill demonstration)?


Will this e-Learning use existing content or will it all need to be created from scratch? Do you have a content outline or storyboard created? Do you have a template you wish to base the e-Learning design on?

Branding / Design

Describe visual elements or content that should be utilised from your current e-Learning or marketing materials – for example, logos, colour schemes, fonts, navigation, naming conventions, etc. Please provide files documenting this (eg. image files, style guides).


How much learning interactivity would be appropriate for the e-Learning? Note: Decisions on the degree of interactivity in any e-Learning product are based upon relative importance of the content, budget, timeline, shelf life and audience size.

  • Level 1 – passive. The learner acts solely as a receiver of information
  • Level 2 – limited interaction. The learner makes simple responses to instructional cues
  • Level 3 – moderate participation. The learner makes a variety of responses using varied techniques in response to instructional cues
  • Level 4 – real-time participation. The learner is directly involved in a life-like set of complex cues and responses – examples are simulation of software interactions or role-play interpersonal situations

Audio / Video

Do you wish to incorporate voiceover audio or video elements in the e-Learning? Will you be providing these course assets?


Where is the final learning product to be launched (LMS, Intranet, website)? Does the learning content need to be exported for tracking (AICC, SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004)? Please provide details.

Development Tools

Are there any specific technologies, (Captivate, Articulate, Camtasia) that you would like to use to develop the content? If so, why do you wish to use these versus alternative? Please describe in detail.


Will the content be deployed on an intranet or Internet? Does the e-Learning need its own security for allowing access?

Testing and Delivery

How will files be shared during and after development? Can all parties access this location or will secure access need to be obtained for them? Where will content be uploaded for testing? Is this a mirror of the production site? Are all the technical settings and criteria the same as on the production site? Who will test the functionality of the e-Learning? Who will test the user experience of the e-Learning? Where will the live content reside? Who is responsible for deploying it there?

Content Management

Do you need to have the ability in-house to update the e-Learning content? How will content be updated? Who will be responsible for updating this content?

Post-Implementation Changes and Troubleshooting

Who will be responsible for troubleshooting technical issues, fixing bugs, or making changes to e-Learning content after this project has been completed and all deliverables have been approved?

´╗┐What content from this project can be used as work samples or otherwise showcased by The Knowledge Project?

  • Completed deliverables
  • Screenshots or images of deliverables
  • Project summary or description of work provided
  • Company logo added to The Knowledge Project’s client list?
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