3 thoughts on “What are the benefits of e-Learning?

  1. Excellent, I might quote you from your ‘Higher learner retention’ slide – that’s exactly how I see my proposition delivering.

    1. Thanks Tony – who wouldn’t want “a richer and more effective learning experience” and “increased retention” from their e-Learning? This is a no-brainer – quote away!

      I really admire how you know what it is you want to deliver and exactly who you’re targeting as far as your audience is concerned. In contrast to the amount of information you provided me with which allowed me to give you a pretty accurate estimate of the size of your project, I’ve recently been asked to submit a quote for “Articulate Storyline template development” – with no insight whatsoever into the project – just five “sample” slides of content (which was all in bullet points, I might add!). They obviously haven’t spent any time scoping out their e-Learning needs – but are looking for someone to quote on the development of “a number of templates” and the only other information they’ve included is that they want the job completed ASAP!

      I’m all for promoting e-Learning, but e-Learning is just the tool used to achieve or promote a set of tactics as part of an entire training strategy. Without information about the bigger picture, ie how they intend to use the e-Learning solution alongside their company/organisational goals and objectives, I predict this project will not have a successful outcome.

      Understanding why you think e-Learning is the answer is the starting point.

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