This is a story about my journey to becoming a full-time freelance instructional designer.

I’ve known for a long time that I need to work somewhere where I’m empowered to “make a difference” and where my efforts are appreciated.

I’ve had lots of managers – some good, some who should probably not be managers.  I’m an enthusiastic worker who needs to know what is expected of me and just likes to get on with things.

I’ve followed a career strategy that includes setting clear goals to move ahead and this has taken me on an interesting journey.

I enrolled in the B Online Learning MEC (Master e-Learning Course) with an open mind about where this qualification may take me.  This was the start of my journey to freelance freedom!

I completed the MEC course in August 2013.  I became a member of the Articulate e-Learning Heroes community and actively contributed to their weekly challenges.


I spent a huge amount of time learning from others in this field and improving my skills in instructional design.  I networked like crazy and learnt everything I could about the e-Learning industry.

I still had an open mind about where I wanted to end up, but being a creative person, I knew I wanted to design online instruction in some way, shape or form.

The decision to move into full-time freelancing was in some ways easy, but in other ways not so easy – but nothing is achieved in life without taking a risk.

I am still and always will be an enthusiastic worker who likes to “make a difference”, but I now work for myself and have the best boss ever!  I use Articulate Storyline every day and there seems to be a huge demand for enthusiastic e-Learning instructional designers.

I get to work with some amazing clients who appreciate my efforts and respect my expertise.  I’m still learning new things every day and in this age of rapidly advancing technology I have no doubt this will continue to be the case.

If you are considering a freelancing career, I would highly recommend it.

6 thoughts on “Freelancing

  1. Congratulations Dianne! It’s amazing though because I honestly thought you were already freelancing all this time I knew you…
    Hope you do find it increasingly interesting as you launch out on this journey!

    1. Thanks Daniel – I actually did have a job I used to go to every day – but it wasn’t my dream job and was really just paying the bills on the way to my freelance career! I spent every spare minute I had putting myself out there and refining my ID skills. Now I get to work with a whole range of really interesting clients and create amazing training on topics like “counter terrorism” and who knows what else!

      1. Great Dianne… My career path is similar to yours as well except that I’ve not got to work yet, yes I will as soon as I tidy up schooling which is mopping quite a lot from me these days.
        Besides, I’ve admired the B Online learning MEC for quite some time now but not been able to go for it as yet… One of these days, I’ll share my full story and career journey.
        Thanks for sharing and replying!

    1. Thanks Tony – I’ve just read your tips for a freelancer and they are very helpful. Looking forward to catching up with you about potential ID opportunities with the IT Elementary School.

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