Across my Desk and finding diigo

As part of My Year in Review and Goal Setting for 2015, I resolved to start a weekly summary of what my week has brought as far as learning goes.

Setting this up so that it was not too time-consuming or onerous took some investigation.  I eventually settled on using diigo, a social bookmarking tool.  As a social bookmarking tool diigo allows users to discover, categorise and share useful content and information.  Here is a really good overview of what diigo can do.


By using the “Auto post to blog” feature, diigo automatically creates a draft blog post in WordPress of things I bookmark.  It’s then a simple process to edit the draft post and publish.

Some of the functionality I’m investigating on top of the bookmarking are annotations, highlights and sticky notes and the social aspects which include Groups, Communities and Networks.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, diigo is an acronym for “Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff”.

My weekly blog posts can be found in my Across my Desk blog (click on the image below).

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