Open knowledge: changing the global course of learning

Stanford Online is a university-wide initiative coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning (VPOL).  The mission of the VPOL is “to advance the understanding and use of new technologies and teaching methods in support of Stanford students and faculty, in service to higher education and to promote lifelong learning”.

A range of free online courses taught by Stanford faculty are offered to lifelong learners worldwide, with course topics covering business and management, education, engineering and computer science, entrepreneurship, humanities, law, mathematics, medicine and health, and natural and social sciences. Clifton B. Parker reported the following in the Stanford Report of 19 May 2014:

“Stanford’s online learning initiative is growing at a fast pace and the university is looking far beyond the MOOC at how to best educate students in the 21st century.  A new report highlights accomplishments in 2013 and eyes the future of research-driven innovation.”

I have taken the opportunity to enrol in one of the courses that is of particular interest to me – “Open knowledge: changing the global course of learning“.

This video gives a very brief overview of what the course is about.


The course starts tomorrow and the schedule covers the following:

Week 1: Introduction to Open Knowledge
Week 2: Technological Change, Digital Identity, and Connected Learning
Week 3: Participatory Culture, Citizen Journalism, Citizen Science
Week 4: Intellectual Property, Copyright, and the Economics of Open
Week 5: Historical Perspectives: Learned Publishing from Medieval to Modern Times
Week 6: Open Science, Data, Access, Source, Review
Week 7: Open Educational Resources: From Lesson Plans to Instructional Videos
Week 8: Archives, Databases, Encyclopedia: Evaluating Open Collections and Reference Sources
Week 9: Scholarly Publishing and Communications: Journals, Books, and Publication of Research
Week 10: Information Literacy: Overload, Filters, and Developing a Critical Lens
Week 11: Global Perspectives on Equity, Development, and Open Knowledge
Week 12: Student Publishing: Lessons in Publishing, Peer Review, and Knowledge Sharing
Week 13: The Future of Open Knowledge

I have enrolled in MOOCs before and I’m thinking 13 weeks is a long time to remain engaged in an online course, but this course claims it will:

“challenge you to take control of your own education, to determine your own personal learning objectives, to contribute to the development of the curriculum, to reflect on your progress, to learn new digital skills, and to take a leadership role in the virtual classroom. It will also provide you with the opportunity to connect with colleagues from different countries and professions, and to better understand areas where your interests overlap and where unexpected distincts exist”.

…so it should be interesting.  Check out some of the other Stanford Online courses here.

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