Another 23 Things

Mike Taylor’s Learn Camp is running again this year.

In last year’s program participants were introduced to 23 things we could do on the web to explore and expand our knowledge of new tools and technologies.  This is a self-directed program and as such I found myself more drawn towards some of the challenges to explore particular technology or concepts than others – it’s all about what you personally want to get out of the program.

Reflecting on the last 12 months, this learning program has had quite an impact on how I incorporate learning and sharing what I’m learning into my work and life.  Before the program I didn’t have a blog, use Twitter to any significant extent or have such an amazing network of people around me that I can learn from and share my learning with.

The first exercise in last year’s program was to get an understanding of what it is to be a lifelong learner – starting with reading Joel Gardner’s article, “How to Become a Successful Lifelong Learner“.   In this article he details 5 components of successful lifelong learning.  It probably helps that I have a personality-driven disposition and passion for learning new things, but I have successfully incorporated all of these components into the way I spend my time without really giving it too much thought.

Components of Successful Lifelong Learning – Joel Gardner

Once again there is an impressive line-up of topics to be covered over the 12 weeks of this Learn Camp 2014 program, including blogging, RSS and feed readers, Twitter, Yammer and enterprise social networks, tagging, folksonomies and social bookmarking, curation, personal knowledge management and personal learning networks.

The addition of webinars to the schedule, facilitated by Mark Britz, Allison Michels and JD Dillon adds a new dimension to the learning and I’m looking forward to the kick-off webinar on 1 July 2014 with Mark Britz facilitating a session on “Why Blogging (Still) Matters”.

I encourage you to participate and wish all registrants the best of luck in their learning journey!

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  1. Mike Taylor – Born with a life-long passion for learning, I have the great fortune to work at the intersection of learning, design, technology & collaboration.
    tmiket says:

    It is so great to have you back again this year. I’m very happy to hear that you’ve had success with some of the new discoveries from last year! Thanks for sharing it in this post.

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